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Fat Cat Games is now located at
Funtastic Free Web Games @
You can still enjoy the games below, but the new site has over 140 FREE Online web games for you to play! Enjoy & be sure to bookmark the new URL when you get's worth it!

Fun & Games:

Select an arcade to start
KewlBox Games Arcade (coming soon)
These are some addicting games! Try Santa Balls or M&M Mix and your hooked...
GameHouse Games Arcade
TONS Of games here. 63 and counting. Try Collapse and you'll play for hours....
Classic Midway Arcade
Joust, Defender, Bubbles, Satan's Hollow, even Root Beer Tapper.... all your favorite classic Midway arcade games!
PopCap Games Arcade
Seven Seas, Alchemy & Big Money, just to name a few. Great to pass the time.
Play For Free Casino!
Poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots.... a fun and exciting casino without breaking the bank!
PrizeGames Games Arcade (coming soon)
Just like those games from the arcade! Chip Away (my fav!) & Wrath of the Gopher... a must play game.

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